St Mungo’s

St Mungo’s is a homelessness charity and a housing association which provides a bed and support to people who are either homeless or at risk, and works to prevent homelessness, through various projects including:

  • Emergency, hostel and supportive housing projects
  • Advice services
  • Specialist physical and mental health services
  • Skills and work services

Easl has been commissioned by St Mungo's to provide Mental Health input to a number of their London based projects:

1) No Second Night Out (NSNO) provides intensive input when someone is first found on the street, to assess their needs and help them reconnect to the area where they have most entitlements. It is a London-wide project funded by the GLA.

Since June 2012 Easl has provide an assessment, consultation, advice and support service for NSNO’s hubs, addressing issues such as:

  • vulnerability under the Housing Act 1996;
  • ongoing mental health needs;
  • mental capacity to make a particular decision.

2) St Mungos also has “Reconnection Staging Posts”, where clients whose needs are more complex may move on to from the assessment hubs,  Easl also provides support to these.

3) St Mungos' Tenancy Sustainment Team supports people who have recently moved into their own accommodation – or conversely those at risk of losing their existing home. This service is aimed at avoiding repeat homelessness, as some people can find managing a household to be quite overwhelming if they’re not properly supported. Easl provides advice and support to this team in relation to mental health issues, and providing professional supervisory support to their Occupational Therapist.

​4) Routes Home  supports non-UK nationals who sleep rough in London, in particular working with those who are vulnerable, and not eligible to access services in the UK to assist in getting them off the streets. The complicated situations of people who are not UK Nationals are further complicated by mental health issues, so since April 2017 EASL has provided specialist mental health advice and assessment to support this service.