What We do


A majority of homeless people have mental health needs. However, their circumstances mean they are less able to access services until they reach a crisis point which makes emergency intervention necessary.

Constructive support at an earlier stage can prove pivotal in enabling improvements to their health and social situation. It may help them access accommodation or other services and support; they may come to better understand how they respond to the world, and learn that they are not alone in feeling the way they do.

The EASL team carry out expert multi-disciplinary mental health assessments in a way that reflects the situation of homeless people in London. We also deliver training and support so our partners can do more to address the mental health issues of their service users.

We are driven by our commitment to better understand and assess each individual’s particular issues and circumstances, in order to work collaboratively towards identifying the most appropriate path for them. We also hope to promote this approach among our partners.

EASL is a non-profit making Community Interest Company, No. 07788429, and all staff pay is linked to NHS bandings.